“Treatments to Revive Your Body, Mind and Spirit.”  

All our “Quality of Life, Detoxifying Rituals” massages commence with our 30 minute
“Signature Purification Ritual” followed by a 10-minute Vichy Shower Drench.
This is a great experience to prepare you for your body therapy massage.

Purification Body Polish with Healing Massage
150 minutes session (120-minute treatment time)

Truly the first step in the detoxification process, it begins with a gentle full body exfoliation under the Vichy Shower. This prepares the body for the benefits and changes it will undergo during its transformation. With a gentle healing body massage, you are truly on your way to a new and improved you.

Herbal Detoxification Wrap with Lymphatic Zone Massage
150 minutes session (120-minute treatment time)

We begin this treatment with an application of our healing herbal mask, followed by a relaxing Vichy Drench. After the body is cleansed, a lymphatic stimulating massage will secure this truly detoxifying experience.

“Treatment should not be taken directly after meals and we recommend that you do not eat for an hour after the treatment.”